The New Buzzword: Sustainability

According to noissue “Consumer giant Unilever has been named the premier leader in global sustainability for the seventh year running. When big businesses jumps on the bandwagon, it’s a sign that being ‘green’ is no longer only the concern of fringe groups. Today, it is simply a part of how business should be done.”
We are no exception. In all that we do, we always consider how our business practices are better for the planet.


Ours, is a philosophy borne from an appreciation for Nature. At Shop Nanjala, we derive inspiration from nature, applying it’s principles to our designs and gardening offerings, placing sustainability at the heart of our company culture. In turn, this has long term impact such as reduction of our carbon footprint and the conservation of our environment.

Nanjala Tribute Pots in GardenHere are examples of how Shop Nanjala has embraced design and environmental sustainability;
  1. We have a zero tolerance for plastics. We mainly use biodegradable materials such as paper, 100% cotton twine and recycled cardboard for our packaging.
  2. We use quality clays, glass, iron cast in copper and concrete – for our planters. We believe that when taken care of, these materials age beautifully, creating aesthetic harmony to the surrounding.
  3. Our brand colours are hues found in nature. From the muted greens, to the sky blues and earthy brown tones – these colours work perfectly on our packaging boxes, carrier bags, stationery, plant care labels and business cards. We have also used these colours to inform on the colour glazes selected for our bespoke Nanjala Tribute Pots .
  4. We only sell organically grown plants and seeds. We go the extra mile to plant our “In Bloom” succulents and indoor plants using organic fertilizers. We also sun dry the leaves when we propagate the plants.
  5. Selection of our products shapes are inspired by nature. For example our Geometric planters, the Half Oyster Shell and Greenhouse Terrariums are just a few products that derive inspiration from nature.
  6. We have a couple of brands where we have crafted packaging design solutions using nature cues, such as CocoMac Raw Organics.
  7. We’ve partnered with other green companies such as S en J Home that is championing recycling. They make beautiful ornamental vases using repurposed wine glasses.
  8. Upon request, we can tailor customer orders’ as packaged gifts. Sending them out with a personal hand-crafted delivery card to accompany it. For the packaging, we reuse old wrapping paper, left over pieces of embossed paper and cotton twine in the design of the card.
These and others are just but a few ways that keep defining and shaping our brand. As a consequence we also attract other collaborations and partnerships with small artisan enterprises that share our eco-friendly ethos. A great example of a recent collaboration is with Liku by Squeezy. Where we recently launched a series of organic seeds for favourite herbs such as Opal Basil, Oregano and Thyme.
Liku x Nanjala Basil Thyme Oregano
We may be small, but we are working towards educating our customers that sustainable design is important and underscores the Vision 2030 agenda as well as the global Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations Development Programme.


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