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Welcome to where we create and collaborate to deliver one stop solutions for home design, customized gifts items and eye catching potted plants. All of SHOP NANJALA’s work is locally sourced and made in Kenya.

How We Create

Teresa Lubano is the creative mind that drives SHOP NANJALA. Having worked for over a decade as an Art Director on leading brands across East Africa, Teresa has the experience and perspective to utilize the unique mosaic of design influences that appeal to Kenya’s burgeoning middle class.

How We Collaborate

We’ve joined hands with small scale artisans and craftsmen across Kenya to produce and deliver high quality handmade gifts and accessories for men and women. Every item on our online shelf is made to order which illustrates how seriously we take our clients specific needs.

Why Collaborate?

At SHOP NANJALA we recognize that many local artisans and craftsmen are held back by a lack of exposure and opportunity. We are committed to helping them take their talents and wares to the market in a more professional and gainful manner. By collaborating with SHOP NANJALA they add value to their creations and gain access to a category of clients who are able to pay a fairer price for their labour.

Do you know?

Our brand name, NANJALA is a native Luhyia word derived from the word “Enjala” that means “to Hunger”. Hence our vision statement “We Crave Great Design”.