Nanjala Tribute Pot


“Is a planter that has been thoughtfully designed for the discerning ‘city gardener” – Teresa Lubano

About the Nanjala Tribute Pots

The planters are hand-crafted in Nanyuki, Kenya’s leading location for high quality natural clay. Expertly hand crafted, dried for two weeks in the sun, bisque fired at high temperatures, and carefully hand finished with excellent Italian colour glazes, these planters are truly one-of-a-kind. The iconic 3D Nanjala stamp they bear is a statement of authenticity and further solidifies the Nanjala™ brand in its ‘IN BLOOM’ gifting and gardening range. The unique NANJALA TRIBUTE POTS have a pending trade mark registration over their design, among the few 3D trademarks in Kenya. They are available in three distinct colours, Ivory, Olive Brown and Nairobi Sky.

Ours is an inspiration to create unique yet functional products for the sophisticated city dweller. The NANJALA TRIBUTE POT is one such attempt; at elevating gardening and making what one might call a mundane task, into a fashionable one that will evoke a motivation for ‘citysumers’ to embrace the habit of nurturing plants in their homes.