Chujio Ceramics


The unique, versatile and complex nature of clay is what brings great variety in each piece of pottery that leaves a potters workshop. Chujio Ceramics LTD draws its inspiration from these characteristics to bring functional, aesthetic pieces to your home.

We specialize in Terracotta pottery which has a rich history dating back to the ancient Greek, the art of the Terracotta army in Chinese history and it continues to be the most natural choice for hobbyists, gardeners, interior designers to anchor a masterpiece and add flair, beauty and elegance to a space.

Terracotta is a form of natural clay with an earthy, rusty mud hue which comes from the iron content in the clay. This hue can range from rusty mud, brown, and red, off-white to grey.

Our earthenware and stoneware is specially crafted to bring beauty and functionality to every space. A process that begins with finding the right clay, processing it to its finest quality to remove impurities, moulding, drying, and firing – may take a month or more before the final product is realized. Chujio which is based in Limuru, has mastered this art to perfection and offers clay testing and consulting services.

All our pottery is proudly “Made In Kenya”. To know more about us find us here.


Check our work below: