Asparagus Fern + Terracotta Standard Pot

KES. 1,900.00

-Botanical name Asparagus Puloma Fern

– An evergreen plant

– Asparagus species will be in Terracotta Standard Pot + saucer

– Planter has a hole at the bottom for drainage

-Dimension: 5″ opening and 5″ height

– Ideal for indoor gardens

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A true botanical beauty is the Asparagus Fern, she is actually a perennial herb with feathery/lacelike leaves growing on cascading evergreen vines. Plant will come in a natural Terracotta Standard pot + saucer.  The plant will bear white flowers and red berries in the summer months. Ideal as an indoor growing plant.

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White and terracotta glaze


Nanjala Blooms

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