Fishbone Cactus + Terracotta Standard Pot

KES. 2,000.00

– Botanical name; Selenicereus anthonyanus

– Excellent indoor houseplant

– Bright green flat serrated leaves resemble fish bones

– Prefers bright light
– Water on arrival (water thoroughly 1 x 1 week)
– Serated, flat leaves
– Grown and propaga

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The Fishbone Cactus also known as the Ric Rac is a unique plant with irregular fleshy deeply lobed flattened stems or leaves that resemble fish bones. During spring to early summer, fragrant peachy white flowers appear in evening. .

Plants will arrive in a Terracotta Standard pot and saucer; succulent is rooted. Ensure the soil is porous to improve drainage. This variety loves to be watered and hang in the full sun.

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Spines are a copper colour


Cactaceae Mamillaria


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