The Holidays Are Here. Are You Ready?

I remember when we were little, Noella and I looked forward to the Christmas holidays.

It was a time for family get-togethers.

Sunday best frocks worn for cantatas.

Attending Christmas mass.

Organizing ad hoc family parties.

Helping with cooking, feasting on ‘nyama’ , anticipating cake cutting, gifting and finished with washing mountains of dishes after.

Despite all these activities, we still made time to find a good sturdy cypress tree to place in our countryside living room during Christmas. It was simply lovely.

Mom or Dad would help us choose and cut one from the farm and we would creatively decorate the plant with popcorn, Christmas cards and ‘mashiriri’. The red and gold tinsel that is a signature celebratory wear for graduation, used as wall hangings, or picture frame drapery and anything in between!

That was in the 90s. Sadly we grew up and left home. We now just visit the folks once or twice a year. Though we are in the city, those childhood memories are treasured and will forever remain with us.

Fast forward to today.

Christmas comes and we are in a perpetual race to get anything and everything done in time before the holiday shopping madness begins.

When Christmas comes, its a blur.

Walking into town, dowdy Christmas decor is everywhere. A refurbished santa is by the doorway of some shop chiming a christmas carol – trying to lure you to go inside and do some last minute shopping.

You wish you could get something great at Mr. Price but you know that if you head there, chances are that the item you had eyed the other day may have gone. You wing it and decide to purchase whatever you see at the supermarket or shop in town – the one with the lopsided bearded santa.

This story sums up our insights to the unpreparedness that happens during Christmas. Ours is a vision borne of reviving the good old day Christmas memories, disrupting holiday shopping, curbing bad last minute shopping decisions and ultimately, create new modern traditions that will continue to be shared with our families that are worth telling.

Shop Nanjala has over the past few months carefully developed and curated eco-friendly home decor for this years holiday season. Inspired by my countryside roots, the newly launched range of Christmas decor products is sure to wow guests. More importantly, brighten up any room with a suave ‘green’ festive look. Did I mention that they also make the perfect holiday gifts?

See our #ChristmaswithNanjala live tree and holiday gifting collection. We hope you love the items as much as we do. #shoponline and skip the dizzy shopping frenzy.

Best wishes during these holidays!

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