Apple Cripps Pink

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Apple Cripps Pink Fruit Seedling

Malus domestica

Have apples that are firm, crisp,  pink blush, overlayed on greenish-yellow undertones on hand from your own verandah or balcony! No wonder she is called the ‘Pink Lady’.

This fruit seedling bears wonderful apple fruit. These fruit seedling will bear fruit after about three to five  years. It produces good quality fruits and the trees are long-lived.

Outdoor planted care: Plant in full sun into the ground or into at least get it in our Terracotta Super Large Pot in well draining soil. Water thoroughly throughout the first year.

– Apple Cripps Pink, soil, plastic bag (not potted) or with terracotta pot with drainage hole (potted)
– Organically grafted and grown in Kenya, shipped only within Kenya

– Under no circumstances must the graft union ever be in contact with the soil or with mulching material if applied. May repotted tree after 3 years or planted in the shamba with well drained fertile soil.

Average height of seedling 50 cm height 40 cm diameter, pot size is 12″ x 12″



Apple Cripps Pink Fruit Seedling

Malus domestica



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Dimensions 60 × 25 × 45 cm







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