Innovate. Keep Doing. Never Stop.

It’s been a good three years. Exactly. August 15th 2015 was the year Shop Nanjala got her certificate of registration 🙌. We were so thrilled.
At that point we just had a name. Domain. Some propagation of succulents going on. And nothing else.

I tell you, we weren’t really sure as a small team we would ever have any more than a handfull of followers on our social media. Let alone have an up and running wicked web page.
Today, we stand proud. To have a website that works, it has had glitches. But it works. E- commerce was just a lofty dream, but we did it. Online shopping was so novel. We hadn’t even gotten the hang of it. Beyond cash, debit/credit card and MPesa, we really didn’t quite understand how online payment mode worked. We learnt. Fast.
6 months in. The website was completed. Payment gateway, PesaPal, check. Courier partner, Sendy, check. Website platform, Woocomerce, check. Several security certificates and other plug ins, check. We were ready to ship by end 2015.
New baby in toe, burning midnight oil in between diaper changes; were quick packaging designs crafted, posters to design, print runs to do,  labels for the plants to sort.
Nanjala launch poster

Nanjala Launch Poster

Shop Nanjala opened up its doors to the world in time for Christmas.
This blog post is really a confirmation that where there is a will. There is always a way.
Start small. Rapidly iterate. Fix things as you go along. What’s important is that you launch 🚀
People say cash is King. I think Innovation is Lord.
Less that quarter mil startup capital.
Over 700+ successful individual
transactions online and offline.
Over 1000+ social media follower.
100+ posts and blogposts combined.
10+ collaborators and artisan partners (and growing).
5-10 staff comprising of designers, legal consultants and gardeners.
3 solid years (the trinity age).
3 segments; Design. Gardening. Gifting.
1 website.
These stats goes to show the power of technology in harnessing economic inclusion. Just 10 years ago, these modest numbers would perhaps have taken longer to achieve, and required bigger budgets to setup and run the operations.
The Internet of Things is here to stay. We embrace its challenges, dynamism and intrigue. We hunger to always keep up with the trends. To keep innovating. To keep building our partnerships with budding artisan entrepreneurs. We hope to grow locally, regionally and perhaps one day, go global. Because IoT has made anything possible.

One of our initial onsite web banners

We urge anyone with a small business to continue.  Forge on. Continue to chase opportunity. Not money. Continue creating value for humans. However small, because it matters. Make your mark in history.
We celebrate all of our fans, planties, tree huggers, artisans, designers and even the ‘black thumbs’ 🙂
We have nothing but appreciation for supporting our little venture and sharing in our philosophy of good design.
Be Ambitious.

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