Three Easy Gardening Ideas to Steal. You’re Sure to Love No. 2

1. Pack a punch with a great frontage.

I’m sure you’ve visited someone and as you walked to their doorstep you couldn’t help but admire the beautiful bamboo fence or a perfectly planted row of golden palms swaying in motion to the breeze?

Or perhaps it’s a bunch of carefully tended ornamental cypress plants in custom planters creating a perimeter hedge?

This is called… Serious curb appeal. It is a simple way to show off your gardening skills. All you need is a small budget to get a few pots, plants, a pair of garden clippers/ pruners and you’re in business.

The trick is to start slow, and gradually grow your #plantgang. Over time, your frontage will bless you with a sophisticated landscaped garden.

After all, the more, the merrier!

2. Midnight shop! Or ask for a few plant clippings from the owner

It is a show stopper.

Stopped you dead on your tracks.

You must have that plant.

Well don’t be shy. Ask for a few pieces that you can plan to propagate / plant home later. However, at times the owner may not be around or perhaps it is a public garden.

Well, go ahead, pinch a few stems (carefully so that you get the roots intact) and gently protect the roots with a kerchief or tissue. If it’s succulents, plucking a few leaves is all you need.

Then similarly, take them home with you and plant them in a pot while still fresh🧚🏽‍♀️

We recently found a small strands of the rare Senecio ‘String of Pearls’ this way. Within a few months we were rewarded with a generous pot – all thanks to some “ midnight shopping”!

3. You never go wrong with the Rose plant

There are hundreds of species and thousands of cultivars of the Rose. They come in many color and sizes – as shrubs or rambling climbers.

Roses never go out of fashion.

Plant a rose near your door front or on a wall adjacent to your entrance and be sure to have many admires who will pause to smell the roses or comment on your fine taste in gardening.

All image rights courtesy of Teresa Nanjala Lubano

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