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Botanical name: Salvia officinalis

You will receive a sage herb seedling in an eco-bag.

Soil: Prefers poor soils and happily tolerates drought and neglect.
Position: Full to part sun

Also known as the culinary sage, garden sage or common sage this herb has been grown for centuries in the Old World for its food and ‘miraculous’ healing properties. An essential herb, sage is has a savory, slightly peppery flavour and us used to roast turkey or chicken or fish. It is also used as a flavour for hot black tea.

* Growing Instructions: Planted all year round, remove seedling from the eco-bag. Place in a shallow pot fill it with rich organic soil. Or, dig a shallow hole outside in a lightly-shaded spot, allowing 25cm between plants. Pick leaves once they reach about 8cm tall.

* Pick frequently
* Organically grown in Kiambu, Kenya

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