Cocomac Raw Organics Activated Charcoal

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We bring you a great natural body and beauty care range of products from Cocomac Raw Organics. Their Activated Charcoal is sourced from the best 100% bamboo plant char, sterilised in high steam.

  • Used for treating plaque. Mask teeth with Activated Charcoal for 3-5 min or strictly brush with it once or twice a week till plaque has gone.
  • Used for skin as a peel off mask. Mix with egg white, bentonite clay or gelatine. Wait 10-20 min, wash with warm water for smooth skin
  • Made by a community group in Migori, Kenya

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100 percent natural Activated Charcoal

  • Made from Bamboo plant char, sterilized in high steam
  • Absorbs impurities 200 times it’s weight
  • For treating plaque or as a skin mask
  • Size 200 gms
  • Made and packaged in Kenya

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