Moonstones in a Flat Hexa Concrete Planter

KES. 1,500.00

The rare Moonstone

– Botanical name; Pachyphtum oviferum
– Indoor/outdoor plant
– Prefer bright/ full sun
– Water on arrival (water thoroughly 1x/Week there after) – water by misting
– Excess water may damage the plant
– Grows to 10 cm tall, clusters of huge bulbous leaves
– Grown and propagated in Nairobi, delivery in Nairobi

– A cluster of 2″ tall bloomed plant
– A Hexa Flat Concrete Planter

Tip: This lovely succulent loves some sun so don’t place it in a spooky corner or poorly lit corridor. 6 hours sun per day recommended. Plant in bright/full sun and well drained soil

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The Moonstone is a rare and unique succulent to own. Has a bluish grey hue and is very slow growing. Plant received is approximately 3 years old. Plant will arrive in a bespoke miniature size hexagon concrete planter with a flat base. Planter has a hole for drainage.

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Purple or pink flowers in dense clusters


Dianthus barbatus


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Chujio Ceramics, Nanjala Blooms