Goldy Geranium Plant in Pot

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Geraniums are a classic favourite for those who love understate chic! They are easy to grow, colourful, bloom all year long and emit a lovely scent. We have our geraniums pre-grown in Gold Rimmed Midi Pot and arrives alongside a saucer.  An elegant and great choice for an indoor or outdoor ornamental plant. Gives a farmhouse / cottage look.

– A Nanjala exclusive
– Locally grown in a terracotta midi pot, saucer, soil and moss are included
– Keep indoors with bright or direct sunlight at room temperature (20-30 degrees C).
– Water thoroughly twice a week or every fortnight to keep soil evenly moist.

– Ready to place in home.
– Kenya

Plant: Approximately 15 cm H
Pot: 12 cm diameter, accompanying saucer

Plants will arrive rooted in the pot. We use potting soil mixed with compost for healthy growth of the plant.

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You shall receive shabby chic Goldy Geranium in a Pot;

Botanical name: Pelagronium geranium

– A Nanjala exclusive
– Locally and organically grown


Geranium Care:

  • Allow to dry between waterings, then water thoroughly
  • To encourage blooming, deadhead spent flowers
  • To promote bushiness and avoid legginess, pinch the stems
  • Loves sun or bright light


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green leaves, with pink, white or red flowers


Sansevieria trifasciata


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