Nanjala x Liku Thyme Seeds

KES. 225.00

We teamed up with Liku by Squeezy a budding, natural body and beauty care Kenyan business, to create this exclusive organic seed collection for growing edible and medicinal herb garden. Urban gardening has never gotten easier. Now you can grow your own herbs from your home garden and prepare a delicious meal in an easy and cost-effective way! All of these seeds are 100% certified organic, packaged in recycled and are packed in a envelope sturdy enough to store the seeds for each season.

  • Instructions provided on the back of the seed envelope
  • Tyme is a perennial
  • A great alternative to Rosemary
  • Plant a half teaspoon scoop, maintain a depth hole of 5 mm, space 30 cm.

10 in stock (can be backordered)


100 percent certified organic seeds, packaged in recycled paper.

  • Organic Thyme herb seeds
  • Seeds pack size, 68 x 80 mm
  • Packaged in Kenya