Echeveria Ruffle + Dip Glazed White & Terracotta Planter

KES. 1,550.00

– Botanical name; Echeveria Ruffles
– Indoor/outdoor plant
– Prefer bright light

– Grows wide to 30 cm wide or more
– Water on arrival (water thoroughly 1x/ 2 weeks there after)
– Lovely green rosettes with ruffled pink edges
– Grown and propagated in Nairobi, delivery in Nairobi

– 3” tall plant in a 12 cm wide planter
– One succulent
– Plant will be in Dip Glazed White & Terracotta Planter + matching white saucer

Tip: This lovely succulent loves some sun so don’t place it in a spooky corner or poorly lit corridor. 6 hours sun per day recommended.


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Out of stock


A wise choice of a Nanjala’s exclusive beautiful conical shaped natural terracotta pot dipped in white glaze accompanied with a matching white saucer. This stunning planter comes with a succulent display of dramatically ruffled, fleshy gray-green rosettes with a soft red edging, more intense in full sun. Red-orange flowers appear on tall stalks in summer. Adds a wonderful texture to rock gardens, dry borders and containers. Tolerant of drought when established. A frost-tender evergreen succulent.

Plants will arrive in an Glazed White and Neutral Duotone ceramic planter; plant and rooted. Ensure the soil has coarse sand/stones to improve drainage. A Nanjala Blooms informational label will guide you on how to take care of your plants.

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Gray green rosettes




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