Pro Bono

Second Chance

Armed with a logo only, the Founder of Second Chance Adult Learning Centre, David Kimani, had a need for his brand to have some communication material. I took on the job and designed these items pro bono. I simply was happy to help him as I loved the companys’ vision of giving Kenyan citizens who had not gone through formal education a “second chance”. He currently is running a school at the coastal town called Kilifi in Kenya.
I actually encountered David Kimani’s idea through BLAZE, a Kenyan youth network; a platform by Safaricom that empowers the youth to pursue their unconventional paths to success. He was a second runners up at the Be Your Own Boss TV Show 2016.  Here are a range of items I designed from him.

Second Chance T-shirt Design

Pullup Banner options for his school in Kilifi

Pullup Banner options for his school in Kilifi