Topsy Turvy + Terracotta Standard Pot

KES. 950.00

– Botanical name; Echeveria runyonii
– Indoor/outdoor plant
– Prefer bright light
– Water on arrival (water thoroughly 1x/ 2 weeks there after)
– Succulent may change shades in different seasons
– Grows up to 1 foot long
– Grown and propagated in Nairobi, delivery in Nairobi

– 3” tall
– One succulent may have offsets
– Plant will be in Terracotta Standard Pot + Standard Saucer

Tip: This lovely succulent loves some sun so don’t place it in a spooky corner or poorly lit corridor. 6 hours sun per day recommended.

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Out of stock


Echeveria runyonii ‘Topsy Turvy’ – A fast growing evergreen rosette-forming succulent with pale blue-gray leaves that curve upwards and are strongly inversely-keeled on the lower surface with leaf tips pointing inwards towards the center of the plant. Bright orange and yellow flowers rise above the foliage on tall arching inflorescence.

Plants will arrive in a Terracotta Standard Pot + saucer; plant rooted, established and ready for to be planted in a pot/container of choice. Ensure the soil has coarse sand/stones to improve drainage. A Nanjala Blooms informational label will guide you on how to take care of your plants. Great on the window sill or as a miniature dish garden.

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Spines are a copper colour


Cactaceae Mamillaria


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