Nanjala Blooms Four + Midi Terracotta Pot

KES. 1,700.00

-Botanical name; Sedum x rubrotinctum

-Nanjala Blooms Four and choose a free Nanjala Hashtag Gift Card

– Indoor/outdoor plant
– Prefer bright light
– Water on arrival (water thoroughly 1x/ 2 weeks there after)
– Succulent may change shades in different seasons
– Grows up to 7″
– Grown and propagated in Nairobi, delivery in Nairobi

– 2” – 3″tall; 3 succulents
– One succulent may have offsets

– Plant arrives in Terracotta Midi Pot

Tip: This lovely succulent loves some sun so don’t place it in a spooky corner or poorly lit corridor. 6 hours sun per day recommended.

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The Jelly Beans (Sedum x rubrotinctum) is our Nanjala Blooms special Number Four. Three plants will be in the same pot.

Plants will arrive in a Midi Terracotta pot + saucer; succulent is rooted. We use coarse sand/stones in our potting mix to improve drainage. A Nanjala Blooms informational label will guide you on how to take care of your plants. Great on the window sill or as a miniature dish garden.

Additional information


Spines are a copper colour


Cactaceae Mamillaria


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