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  • Giving Kenyans Who Missed Out On Education A Second Chance

    It’s  a nursery “singsong” in these parts.

    It rings in our minds whenever we are instilling good manners to our children.

    “Sharing is Caring”.

    Indeed, in these times where life is a blur, peoples heads are stuck in their phones… There is perhaps no purer virtue than the act of giving back to society. Continue Reading

  • Africa. Tumefika.

    (This is an adaptation of an article written by Teresa Nanjala Lubano in another blog in 2013 – its still relevant today)

    “It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the ceiling and 6 years to paint the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel..”

    It’s taxing to actually finish an important project at a set timeframe. It is the ‘malaria’ of many designers. For a specific time and date to be earmarked as the completion deadline for a masterpiece, I think, this is utterly a ridiculous venture. Continue Reading

  • Let’s Be Honest about Design Education in Kenya

    Well last week, Shop Nanjala had the pleasure of visiting the corridors of University of Nairobi, Architecture, Design and Development (ADD) building. The monstrous facade of concrete still startles one when you approach the building. It’s blank unartistic structure is an eerie, ironic twist to the fact that this is the building where the best Kenyan designers and architects get tutored to be inventors, visionaries and future creatives. Continue Reading

  • Let’s Celebrate All the Makers in Africa!

    Words of the Day:

    Makers: These are people who take a traditional-old aged techniques of crafting and apply new technologies to create contemporary culture which focuses on art, crafts and creativity. The Maker Movement represents a more collaborative, creative economic model for the future and was declared an Emerging Mega-Trend in 2015. – Courtesy of Lionesses of Africa

    Naturalism: Those who have a love for organic, naturally made, non-toxic products. – Coined by Nanjala

    Continue Reading


    Definition of “Black thumbs”.

    A wannabe gardener who kills plants. The opposite of green thumbs.

    Everyone who I come across and mention to them that I sell plants acts shocked. Then there is a slight hesitation, then they blurt out… Continue Reading


    We are pleased to announce that this is our first ever issue of the Nanjala Weekly Cravings. We really do hope you have a good read and always come back for more….

    About three years ago, our founder, went to visit a friend called Margit Cleveland at her Kyuna, Nairobi home.  What fascinated her was that Margit had potted plants right from her door step, around a little garden gazebo, and others were in her balcony too. Her frontage and compound were filled with different types of beautiful indoor and outdoor plants.

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